Make every vote for president matter.

We are a grassroots group calling for the Connecticut General Assembly to adopt the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact in the 2018 legislative session.

The Compact is an agreement among states to award their electoral college votes to the winner of the national popular vote. When states holding a majority of electoral college votes sign onto the Compact, it will go into effect, making the national popular vote winner the president.

We need your help to get the bill passed in 2018 so please sign up to get involved:

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Tell your legislator that Connecticut is ready: 2018 is the year for CT to join the National Popular Vote Compact

Democrat or Republican, we need you to contact your state representative and state legislator and remind them of your support electing the president by national popular vote.

It’s always best to write your own personal message – for talking points / more details on crafting your own message, please see our talking points.

Not sure of who your representative is or what to say? Enter your zip code here to find your legislator and send them a message.

Make every vote equal.

Presidential candidates cater to a handful of battleground states, while the rest of the country are left behind. In 2016, over two thirds of general election campaign events were held in just six states. This is not only bad for voter turnout and civic engagement – it also means that sitting presidents give significantly more grant funding to states like Ohio and Florida than “spectator” states like Connecticut. Under the National Popular Vote bill every vote would be equal and the candidate with the most votes would be guaranteed to win the election.

Make every vote matter.

Under the National Popular Vote, a vote in Connecticut would be just as valuable as one cast in Ohio, Florida, or anywhere else. Instead of ignore our priorities, candidates will take an interest in access to quality education, improved public transit, and other Connecticut issues as they vie to earn our votes. A system that honors the principle of one person, one vote will be good for Connecticut and good for the country.

Put Connecticut on the electoral map. 

Connecticut’s voters – and their interests – are taken for granted in election after election while swing states receive all the attention. It’s time for that to change. In 2018, let’s make every vote equal, make every vote matter, and guarantee the candidate with the most votes wins the election.